Homebrewing with BSG: Irish Red Ale

Irish Red Ales. Exquisite in its red color and depth, heavenly malty in aroma, and delicious in flavor with just that suggestive hint of caramel and an affable hop bitterness. While this is a name and style often used by Irish brewers, there’s nothing stopping homebrewers around the world from loving them too!  

While named “Red Ales,” Irish Red Ales can shift on the hue scale from amber to copper in shade. These ales owe their color to the various caramel and roasted malts in each recipe, including this one. Give this recipe a go on your own and let us know how it turned out. Just use the hashtags #BrewWithBSG or #BrewBSG and show off your own Irish Red!  

Irish Red Ale


for 5 gal (18.9 L)

  • 8.7 lb Rahr domestic 2-row  1.5 – 2 L
  • 1 lb Simpsons Caramalt    11.8- 16.3 L
  • .3lb Simpsons DRC    105 -120 L
  • .1 lb Simpsons Roasted Barley 488-713 L
  • ½ tablet Whirlfloc T x 15 min boil
  • ½ tsp calcium carbonate (gypsum) in Mash water


  • .3 oz GR Ariana hops 12 aa  x 60 min 
  • .4 oz GR Ariana hops 12 aa  x 15 min 
  • .5 oz GR Callista hops 3.2 aa x 15 min


  • 1 x 11.5g Fermentis SafAle S04


  • Original Gravity 1.044 (11P)
  • Finial Gravity 1.012 (3 P)
  • ABV 4.2
  • IBU: 24.9
  • SRM 12.5 


  • Single infusion mash at 155 F (68 C) x 70 minutes then verify conversion with an iodine test.  When ready Mash out at 176 F (80C) x 2 min. Chill to 72 F (22C) and pitch 11.5 g of yeast. Ferment at 68 F (20 C) for approximately 5 days.

Notes: This Irish Red Ale was created to have a fuller malt body and more mouthfeel by mashing in at a slightly higher temperature. This beer is super drinkable and could even be defined as a session ale! 


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