Repacking 1 lb Grain Products

Repacking 1 lb Grain Products

Materials/Tools Needed:

  • Scale
  • Impulse Heat Sealer
  • Poly-bags
  • Labels

Scale: A digital scale is best, be sure to tare your scale to compensate for any additional weight of containers or packaging being used to weigh grains.

Impulse Heat Sealer: A 12 Inch Heat sealer is recommended which will work for most common sizes of poly-bags. These typically start at about $30; it’s recommended to keep at least two element replacement kits on hand as well. Heat sealer timers will need to be adjusted based on the thickness of poly-bags.

12″ Impulse Sealers:

Poly-bags: A variety of poly-bags and other shipping supplies can be purchased through Uline as well as other sources. Uline is also an excellent source for other operational and shipping supplies.

7×11.5×4″ Stand-up – $138 per 500$0.276 ea
7×10 3mm Flat Poly Bags Uline $98 per 1000$0.098 ea

Labels: If you don’t already have a method for printing labels, Avery style labels can be used. These are widely available online and from sources such as office supply stores. Both Avery and Uline have MS Word templates that can be used to create your own labels.

Uline Labels
Avery Labels on Amazon
Uline Label Templates
Avery Label Templates

A label should include:

Product name, origin, additional information such as Lovibond°, Net Weight (1 LB (454 g)), and your business name and information. Most Point-of-Sale systems will have an option for generating barcodes based on the item number within your catalog. If you plan to distribute repacked products outside of your physical retail location, such as on a web resale platform like Amazon, you will want to generate and register a UPC Barcode, there several companies that offer this service for $1-5 per UPC code depending on the volume needed.

Helpful Alt Shortcuts:
ALT+248 for Degrees°
ALT+0174 for Registered®
ALT+0153 for TM

As with repackaging and selling any product, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are operating within federal, state, and local laws.