Deciphering BSG Hops Packaging Date Codes

Note for BSG Customers: The packaging date codes on 1 oz and 8 oz BSG Hops differ substantially from our hops that are packaged in 11 lb boxes for commercial brewers. The 11 lb boxes all feature a reference number on the box, which can be used to find the Hop Lot Analysis on the BSG website.

BSG Hops is based in the Yakima Valley of Washington, the heart of the US hop-growing region. At this FSSC 22000 certified facility, all BSG Hops are processed and stored at 31°F to maintain optimum shelf life.

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It’s important to denote that this is only the packaging date, it does not denote crop year. Crop years being repackaged vary based on availability. Independent lab tests have shown that using the packaging materials and storage conditions at our BSG Hops facility in the Yakima Valley, WA, hops have been kept for up to 7 years with almost no degradation.

Our customers occasionally inquire about the codes on our 1 oz and 8 oz BSG Hops products. The letter is the year that the hops were packaged. The number is the epoch calendar week of the year, 1-52.

For example, C33 shows that these Galaxy hops would have been packaged in mid-August 2019. Here is an archive of all letters used to denote the packaging year on 1 oz and 8 oz BSG Hops packages:

F = 2022

E = 2021

D = 2020

C = 2019

B = 2018

A = 2017