Craft Meister Keg & Carboy Tablets

CM-KEG-TABLET-EDIT_-CropHave you ever second guessed if you were using your favorite brewery cleaner correctly? How many times have you spilled powdered cleaner all over your favorite keg or carboy while trying to get it clean? Those days are over thanks to Craft Meister Keg & Carboy Cleaning Tablets. These revolutionary, pre-measured tablets are a breakthrough in convenience cleaning designed for home brewers by home brewers.


Ready for all those homebrewers at NHC!

The story started at the National Homebrewers Conference in Grand Rapids, June 2014. The team at National Chemicals, Inc – manufacturers of BTF Iodophor – were demonstrating their other new product, Craft Meister Growler Cleaning Tablets. Home brewers and business owners alike were very impressed by the ease of use and effectiveness that a pre-measured cleaning tablet could offer. The question came quickly: “Do they make a tablet like this for carboys?”


One of the various reformulations

Right after the Conference, the Craft Meister team got to work on a prototype and began testing in June 2014 with the help of local home brew clubs and business leaders. After several rounds of reformulation and evaluation across the country, the Tablets were ready for market. They launched for sale in the BSG HandCraft catalog in December 2014, a mere six months after the concept originated.

Craft Meister Keg & Carboy Cleaning Tablets are a powerful combination of active foaming oxygen cleaners and potent alkaline detergents. This one-two punch loosens soils and the grime drops away from your gear. All the home brewer needs is hot tap water and a few Tablets. Every Craft Meister product works well in all water conditions, hard or soft, and they rinse away easily without any residual chalky film or build up on your equipment. It’s never been easier to get clean gear, the most critical step in making great beer and wine at home. Try them today!

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