Black Friday Planning Checklist

A Guide for Retailers

Your customers will be eager to save money on top-notch homebrewing and home distillation equipment for Black Friday. We want to help you plan for your most successful product sale ever. Be sure to follow this planning checklist below to ensure that your customers stay in the know about all of the upcoming savings:

Early November:

✅ Place your order for 10% off equipment from Still Spirits and Grainfather products on the BSG HandCraft website, or through your sales representative
✅ Post a Black Friday teaser to your social media platforms
✅ Email your customers to let them know that your Black Friday deals will be announced soon and to keep checking your website for additional details


✅ Meet with your staff to ensure that they are aware of the upcoming sale, and can answer questions about the sale
✅ Spread the word by posting a reminder in your local homebrew club(s) Facebook group, and send them an email encouraging the club officers to alert their membership
✅ Create a Black Friday sale landing page on your website, with information about the equipment that you will be offering for sale

Week of Black Friday:

✅ Download all of the Black Friday Promotional Assets for Retailers (coming soon!)

✅ Build excitement at the beginning of the week by posting to your social media platforms.
✅ Save time by using the provided marketing copy that we have already written for you (coming soon!)

✅ Use the provided marketing assets (coming soon!) on your landing page, for homepage banners, and to email your customers with specific prices on Black Friday items. The MAP reduction for all items included in the sale can be found on our Black Friday page.
✅ Create a Facebook event for your Black Friday sale and invite your followers

After Black Friday:

✅ Make a final push on your social media channels for deals continuing up to Cyber Monday (Nov. 29)
✅ Restock for the holidays! Take 10% off select products after Cyber Monday (sale to retailers is extended through December 13)
✅ Remember to take down banners and any other imagery promoting the sale after Cyber Monday.

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