A 19th-Century Barley Variety Returns

Chevallier Heritage Malt

Have you heard of Chevallier Heritage Malt?

This heirloom barley variety was first selected for malting in the 1820’s and was used globally for malt production by the end of that century. Chevallier was the basis for many historic IPAs, porters, and stouts.

Chevallier fell out of use in the 20th century as it was replaced by newer, higher-yielding varieties, but fortunately Crisp Malting Group has revived Chevallier to meet the growing interest in heritage barleys from both craft brewers and craft beer drinkers.

Crisp Chevallier Heritage Malt is characterized by warm, cracker and biscuit aroma with a full flavor. Compared to many other modern barleys its aroma and flavor are quite pronounced.

You don’t have to take our word for it. You too can brew with this heirloom variety of malt. Available in 25 kg and 10 lb bags.


Learn more about Chevallier in the brewhouse during its first, very limited-quantity visit to the US a couple years ago and start planning your own revival.