Three Cheers for Winemaker’s Trio

Winemaker’s Trio

TrioThe highly anticipated, new addition to the Cellar Classic Winery Series from RJS Craft Winemaking is here!

The Winemaker’s Trio is the perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel fermented on GenuWine Winery Crushed Grape Skins. This new world style red has a nicely integrated balance of tannins and acidity. It features an inviting blend of vanilla, red berries, and black cherry on the nose and it combines the sweet flavors of ripe raspberry, chocolate, and cherry on the palate.

Winemaker’s Trio is similar to the commercially available Apothic Red. In the US, Apothic Red became Gallo’s fastest SKU to reach one million cases in a year. This will surely be a popular wine.

cellar_classic_winery_series_box_1Aren’t familiar with the Cellar Classic Winery Series from RJS Craft Winemaking?  The Cellar Classic Winery Series are premium wine

kits that highlight the commitment to carry on the age-old winemaking traditions as practiced in the finest grape growing regions of the world. The red wines of this series have taken craft winemaking to a whole new level of quality with the addition of GenuWine Winery Crushed Grape Skins. Fermenting on the skins contribute to an authentic winemaking experience, adding increased complexity, deeper color, and chewier tannins.

Each kit contains 18 liters of super premium varietal grape juice, concentrate, and produce a full 23 liters of wine.

Try Winemaker’s Trio and other premium Cellar Craft Winery Series wines from RJS Craft Winemaking today!

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