I Wanna Rauch and Roll All Nite!

proam_logoThe Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am competition is an opportunity for homebrewers to get recognized on the big stage, just like professional brewers. The competition features commercial breweries teaming up with homebrewers to vie for top honors.

How It Works: Entries must be based on a homebrew recipe from American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members that have won an award in an AHA/BJCP Sanctioned Competition. Pro-Am competition judges come from the same professional panel of world-class judges that evaluate all the beers at the Great American Beer Festival competition. Review the Pro-Am Competition Rules for more information.

BSG HandCraft connected with Bronze medal winner Keith Wallis and learned that he used 100% Weyermann® Malts in his beer ‘I Wanna Rauch’. He was willing to share his recipe with us and we couldn’t help but share!. Rock on! Errr… I mean Rauch on!

I Wanna Rauch!
5.5 gallon batch.  Est. O.G. 1.056.  Est. IBU 25.  Est. efficiency 82%Weyermann-logo

75 min boil.  Single infusion mash

2 lbs. Weyermann® Pilsner
4 lbs. Weyermann® Beechwood Smoked
3 lbs. Weyermann® Munich Type I
1.5 lbs. Weyermann® Caramunich

Mash: 150F for 60 min
Hops: Perle @ 60 min
Yeast: Wyeast Bavarian Lager
Ferment for 14 days @ 50F w/ diacytel rest @ 68F
Lager: Stepping down temp 2-3 degrees a day until reaching 36F and hold for 14 days

Keith got to brew his recipe with Ashton Lewis and Bruce Johnson of Springfield Brewing Co. and needless to say he said he is “pretty excited about the whole thing” and added “I really enjoy designing recipes and when they do well it just adds validation”. Keith believes “to produce a quality end product you must first have quality ingredients” and we couldn’t agree more. We’re very proud of Keith’s accomplishment, and as the exclusive distributor we’re thrilled that 100% of his malt bill was Weyermann®.

Kudos to Keith Wallis and Springfield Brewing Co. on their win at the Great American Beer Festival Pro-Am competition!

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