BSG Ingredients at the Brewers Retreat


BSG HandCraft was proud to be a sponsor of Craft Beer & Brewing’s Brewers’ Retreat at Devil’s Thumb Ranch, where a number of lucky homebrewers had the experience of a lifetime.

Besides taking in seminars and enjoying the scenery of Tabernash CO, attendees had the opportunity to brew alongside five acclaimed professional brewers – Tomme Arthur from Lost Abbey/Port Brewing, Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker, John Mallet of Bell’s Brewery, Andy Parker from Avery Brewing, and Steven Pauwels of Boulevard Brewing.

Here are the recipes formulated by the pro brewers, using ingredients donated by BSG: img_3814

(~20 gallons unless otherwise noted)

Brownish – Tomme Arthur
Target OG: 1.074


31.5 lb (14.3 kg) Rahr 2-Row Malt
3.875 lb (1.75 kg) Crisp Crystal Dark 77L
1.15 lb (522 g) Crisp Caramalt 15L
0.58 lb (263 g) Crisp Chocolate
0.58 lb (263 g) Crisp Wheat Malt


1.6 oz (45 g) Chinook (U.S.) pellets [AA 10.5%] at 75 minutes
2 oz (57 g) Simcoe (U.S.) pellets [AA 11.4%] at 75 minutes
3.1 oz (88 g) Cascade (U.S.) pellets [AA 3.9%] at 30 minutes
3.2 oz (91 g) Willamette (U.S.) pellets [AA 4.3%] at 1 minute
Dry hop with Willamette AA [4.3%] – quantity is “up to the brewer”


California Ale yeast or anything neutral


G-3 IPA – Matt Brynildson
Target OG: 13.7-14.0°P (range is OK)
Target FG: 2.2-2.5°P (range is OK)
ABV: 5.9% (range is OK)
Apparent Degree of Attenuation: 80%


25 lb (11.33 kg) Rahr Pale Malt
2.2 lb (998 g) Rahr White Wheat Malt
2.2 lb (998 g) Weyermann® Barke® Munich
1.65 lb (748 g) Simpsons Crystal Light
1.65 lb (748 g) flaked oats

Mashing Notes/Temperature(s):
Mash in at 145°F (63°C), rest for 30 minutes. Ramp to 154°F (68°C), rest for 15 minutes (or until conver-sion). A single-infusion mash can be done instead at 152°F (66.6°C). Ramp to 169°F (76°C) before transfer-ring to the lauter tun. Water Treatment (Mash/Boil):
Reverse osmosis (RO) treat water and adjust with calcium sulfate, calcium chloride, and phosphoric acid (mash pH = 5.4 and knock out at pH = 5.2).

(45 IBU target)

Bittering Hops
1 oz (28 g) Magnum (DE) pellets at 60 minutes

Aroma Hops
2 oz (57g) Amarillo® (U.S.) pellets at 10 minutes
5 oz (142 g) Amarillo® (U.S.) pellets at whirlpool
5 oz (142 g) Simcoe at whirlpool

Dry Hop
5.86 oz (166 g) Simcoe
5.86 oz (166 g) Citra® (U.S.) Pellets
5.86 oz (166 g) El Dorado

Dry Hop Information (Addition Time(s), Amounts/Bbl, Temperature, Procedural Notes)
Pellet hops are added dry to the top side of the tank. Firestone Walker currently uses a hop cannon but be-fore that time, the hops were added through a port in the top of the tank. Dry hops are added typically on day 3–4 of the fermentation or just at the end of fermentation (0.2–.03°P prior to terminal gravity). The heavy yeast at the bottom of the tank is removed prior to the addition of hops. The hops are left in the tank for 3 days then dumped along with any residual yeast at the bottom of the CCV before cooling. Once the beer passes VDK (GC analysis less than 40ppb at cooling and 30ppb at package), typically day 6–7, the beer is cold-crashed to 30°F (-1°C) and filtered through DE.


Yeast: English/London Ale Primary fermentation temperature: cool in at 63°F (17°C) and ferment at 66°F (19°C). Other fermentation instructions: Yeast is harvested from non-hoppy (less than 30 IBUs) beer and pitched at the peak of viability. Pitching rate is about 0.5 mil cells per degree P, less in larger tanks that take longer to fill (or more turns of the brewhouse.) Maturation/cooling notes: The beer could be served unfiltered if clarity is not a priority.
Bottle conditioned, carbon dioxide parameters: 2.5 vol/vol or 5 grams/liter CO2


Crack of Dawn Grapefruit Saison

DAY 1:

Volume: 13 gallons (50 liters)
Target OG: 10°P
IBUs: 20

Be Safe
Drink Beer
Brew Beer
Have Fun

Healthy Breakfast
Yogurt, Oatmeal, Fruit
Snappy, Refreshing, Effervescent


16 lb (7.3 kg) Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt (88%)
2.1 lb (952 g) oats (12%)

10 g gypsum

Mash at 148°F (64°C) for 40 minutes. Add 2.6 gallon (10 liter) Saurewort 11°P.

First Worts 17°P.

Preboil volume: 14 gallons (53 liters) at 10°P (liquor up with water).


1.6 oz (45 g) Saphir at 30 minutes (before end of boil)
1.9 oz (55 g) Loral at 5 minutes
1.1 oz (30 g) Citra at 5 minutes
8 oz (227 g) grapefruit peel at 5 minutes


BSI S-11 French Saison

DAY 2:

Volume: 13 gallons (50 liters)
Target OG: 11°P
IBUs: 20


Be Safe
Brew Good Beer
Have Fun


Healthy Breakfast
Yogurt, Oatmeal, Fruit
Bright Citrus
Low IBUs
Low Gravity
Late/WP Hops
Lower Mash Temperature
High Fermentation Temperature


12.78 lb (5.8 kg) Weyermann® Barke® Pilsner Malt (88%)
1.42 lb (644 g) flaked oats (12%)

7 g gypsum

5 g CaCl

Mash at 148°F (64°C) for 60 minutes.

3.2 quart (3 liter) Saurewort at 11°P.

Preboil volume: 14 gallons (53 liters) at 8°P.


1.5 oz (42 g) Loral at boil end
0.5 oz (14 g) Citra at boil end
1.3 oz (37 g) grapefruit peel (1 grapefruit, no skin) at boil end
3.2 qt (3 l) grapefruit juice at 10°P


BSI S-11 French Saison


NE IPA – Andy Parker


32.5 lb (14.74 kg) Rahr Pale Ale
2 lb (907 g) Weyermann® Barke® Munich
8.5 lb (3.85 kg) flaked white wheat
1 lb (454 g) rice hulls

That flaked wheat will be sticky. A pound of rice hulls might be overkill, but they’re flavorless and might help avoid a stuck mash.

Brewing Salts
During mash: 4.5 g gypsum, 9 g CaCl2
During sparge: 4.5 g gypsum, 9 g CaCl2


Mash in at 150°F (66°C).
OG goal: 17°P
Mash pH in the 5.9 range


1. First wort addition of 2.4 oz (68 g)—0.8 oz (22.6 g) each Simcoe, Amarillo, and Ella
2. 1.6 oz (45 g)—0.8 oz (22.6 g) each Simcoe and Galaxy with 15 minutes left in the boil
3. 6.6 oz (187 g)—2.2 oz each (62 g) each Amarillo, Galaxy, and Simcoe at the end of the boil
4. Add to fermentor after transfer: 8 oz (227 g)—2 oz (57 g) each Galaxy, Ella, Amarillo, and Simcoe
5. Dry hop at day 3 (after high krausen) with 9 oz (255 g)—3 oz (85 g) each Galaxy, Ella, and Simcoe


Yeast: BSI London 3 yeast or Wyeast 1028 Pitch yeast at 66°F (19°C), ferment at 66°F (19°C) for 3–4 days, then raise the set point to 70°F (51°C). Might as well add the fifth hops addition at the same time as raising the temperature.


Quad – Steven Pauwels


2 g salt
6 g calcium sulfate (gypsum)


25 lb (11.34 kg) Château Pilsen 2RS
2 lb (907 g) Château Special B™
2 lb (907 g) Château Cara Ruby™
1.25 lb (567 g) flaked oats

Directions (Step Mash)
Mash in at 147 °F (64°C), rest for 40 minutes. Raise temperature to 154°F (68°C), rest for 20 minutes. Raise temperature to 163°F (73°C), rest to conversion – lauter. Starting Plato 15° after lauter.


2 oz (57 g) Styrian Golding at start of boil
5 lb (2.3 kg) Candico Belgian Candi Syrup Clear at 15 minutes
2.5 lb (1.13 kg) Candico Belgian Candi Syrup Amber at 15 minutes
1.25 lb 567 g) Domino Dark Sugar at 15 minutes
Finish: 1.25 oz (35 g) Styrian Golding
Plato 21° after boil


Yeast: Belgian Abbey strain WLP 550
Start at 66°F (19°C); let free rise to 77°F (25°C).
Finish around 2° Plato.


Bottle condition in champagne bottles to 4 vol CO2


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