2015 RQ Program Wines Announced!

RQ2013Logo_K-hi-12015 Restricted Quantities (RQ) Program

Each year RJS Craft Winemaking offers wine makers outstanding wines from around the world. This year, they are showcasing shining examples of wines from the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.

Generally, these wines can be pre-ordered from your local winemaking shop (contact them to see how you can participate in the RQ Program) and are released later in the year. This year there are two release months with two wines being released in December 2014 and April 2015. Yes, it’s a bit of a ways away but these wines are so worth the wait!

And without further ado the 2015 lineup of wines (drum roll please)……



South Africa – Chenin Blanc Sauvignon BlancRQ_SAfrican_CheninSauvignonBlanc

Region & Style: South Africa is the largest grower and producer of Chenin Blanc, locally known as Steen, the nation’s most planted wine grape. It arrived in South Africa in the mid-17th Century and was immediately popular for its productivity and its ability to maintain high acidity, even in hot conditions. The vast majority of South Africa’s vineyards are cultivated in coastal areas, including the popular Stellenbosch and Paarl regions.  South Africa has some vineyards with cooler microclimates, especially around the southern coast and in higher altitudes, but in most of its wine regions the climate is warm and dry.
Tasting Notes: Light straw-colored, with pleasing aromas of apple, cantaloupe, spice, and subtle vanilla aromas that lift effortlessly from the glass. Medium-bodied, the palate is dry with a rich mouth-feel and a lingering mineral and tropical fruit finish.

Chile – Cabernet Merlot
Region & Style: Chile has maintained a thriving wine industry for centuries. In the mid 1980’s, in conjunction with a shift towards French grape varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot and Chardonnay, Chilean wines burst onto the world scene. Geographically Chile is long and narrow running from north to south. The wine region is formed from a series of districts near Santiago. Vineyards are well protected from the elements because the mountain range along Chile’s Pacific coast blocks the ocean dampness from most vineyards, and the ocean’s general tempering creates a relatively warm climate.
Tasting Notes: The full-bodied and smooth red wine opens with a well-defined bouquet of dried prunes, blackberry and raspberry. Characteristics of black fruit, herbaceous notes and slight hints of chocolate make this an easy drinking wine that offers well-rounded tannins and a velvety finish.

Spain – Vino Blanco
Region & Style: Spanish winemaking is steeped in tradition with numerous distinct wine-producing regions. Spanish whites are increasingly popular due to their fresh, fruity style and food-friendly profiles. Made from exciting varieties not often seen outside of Spain, these wines are on trend for people looking for exciting new wine varietals. In Spain, winemakers often use the Spanish word elaborar (to elaborate) rather than fabricar (to produce/make) when describing the Spanish winemaking philosophy because they believe the winemaker acts as more of a nurturer of the grapes and wine than as a winemaker.
Tasting Notes: This light-bodied crisp wine opens with delicate floral and lemon notes on the nose. Bursting with white peach and citrus on the palate, the Vino Blanco has a crisp and refreshing finish that is typical of a well-balanced Spanish white wine.

Italy – Aglianico
Region & Style: Italy has a rich vinicultural heritage dating back for thousands of years.  Regional wine styles are heavily influenced by the local cuisine, leading to a range of varieties, winemaking techniques, and profiles that despite their diversity, share a common theme: the
y pair famously with food. Italy possesses an ideal combination of geography and climate, with its lengthy coastline and gently sloping foothills, an abundance of Mediterranean sunshine, and the moderating effect of cool, mountain air currents and sea breezes.
Tasting Notes: Firm and intense, this dry red opens with savory notes of tobacco, smoke, and rich dark fruit. Slightly earthy on the palate, notes of dark cherry, blackberry, and vanilla emerge over time. An easy-to-drink wine has subtle and soft oak characters.




Contact your local winemaking shop and ask how you can order your 2015 RQ Program wines from RJS Craft Winemaking today!

Retailers: If you would like to participate in the 2015 RQ Program for your customers please contact your BSG HandCraft Sales Representative or email sales@bsghandcraft.com

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