Orange you glad we use orange?

Okay, okay. Sorry for the pun. Just had to do it. But seriously, in order to help immediately identify damage and expedite any damage claims, all BSG HandCraft division warehouses have begun using orange shrink wrap on all pallet orders. If any pallet(s) from BSG HandCraft arrive in non-orange shrink wrap this indicates that the shipment may have been tampered with. You should investigate the pallet immediately for accuracy & integrity of the contents before signing the carrier’s delivery slip, or sign and indicate “Subject to Inspection.”

If you have any questions regarding this new program please contact your customer service representative or view the ‘Returns’ section online under the ‘Customer Support’ tab. Note: You must be logged in to view the Customer Support tab.

Please note that pallet shipments from other BSG Division warehouses besides HandCraft will not use orange shrink wrap,



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