Homebrewing with BSG: Eraclea Italian Pilsner Recipe

On the dry, sunny coasts of Italy that border the Adriatic Sea thrives Eraclea Pilsner Malt. Crafted from the Weyermann® Specialty Line, this unique terroir malt was developed by Saatgut Breun in Bavaria, Germany through selective breeding in the 1970’s. While Italian pilsners are all about the hops, we want to give a shout out to this unique and delicious malt. Eraclea Pilsner malt has a noticeable malty-sweet aroma, with notes of honey. That makes it perfect for today’s Italian Pilsner recipe, medium-bodied and capable of an excellent stable foam.

This recipe contains hops specially from Germany, with Callista and Hallertau Blanc developing the balanced hoppy flavor needed for an Italian pilsner. It’s a delightfully summery brew that welcomes back the sun and warmth!

Click here to view the recipe crafted by BSG’s Deborah Wood.

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