Your Own Personal Fünke Canadien

Funke Canadien

During this year’s Craft Brewers Conference in Philadelphia, BSG CraftBrewing’s beer station poured a collaboration beer between BSG’s Peter Hoey and Sudwerk Brewing Co. The beer, a saison titled Fünke Canadien, incorporated a mixture of barley, oats, plus raw and malted wheat, and was fermented with a mixed culture of saison strains and Brett.

We worked with Peter to adapt the recipe for a 5 gallon all grain batch so homebrewers can get a little Fünke too.

Fünke Canadien
5 gallons, assuming 75% efficiency
Target OG: 1.057
Target IBU: 30

• 5.5 lbs Rahr 2-row
• 3 lbs Rahr white wheat malt
• 1 lb flaked oats
• 8 oz flaked wheat*
• 4 oz Weyermann® Acidulated malt

* The original recipe used Rahr unmalted wheat; we’re calling for flaked wheat here for ease of use.

• 0.5 oz Magnum @ 60’
• 0.5 oz Hallertau Tradition @ 15’
• 1.5 oz Styrian Goldings Celeia @ 0’

Simple option: Danstar Belle Saison for primary, and Brettanomyces of your choice in secondary (Peter recommends Drei or B. claussenii).
Hoey Deluxe option: To duplicate the production batch, use a blend of 95% WLP565 and 5% Wy3711 for primary, and BSI Brett Drei in secondary.

• Start fermentation at 70°F and let free rise to 85-90°F over 48 hours (use a heating pad if necessary to maintain this temp).
• Once primary subsides, inoculate with Brett and leave in secondary for 1-2 months, then package.
• Be sure FG is below 1.006 to avoid overcarbonation in the bottle or keg – if left warm, the Brett will keep working until the SG bottoms out around 1.000.

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