Homebrewing with BSG: Light & Low Blond Lager Recipe

Fun fact! Before the days of indoor plumbing and coveted toilet paper, low-alcohol beer (also called non-alcoholic beer for those health-conscious folks) was called small beer. Small beer was a safe and relatively healthy choice compared to portable water, which back in the middle ages of Europe, wasn’t exactly “clean” or “drinkable.” They had yet to master the art of purified Brita water. Small beer was a good, healthy alternative for dirty water- it also was a smart choice to avoid getting hammered at every meal. In today’s world, low-alcohol beer is still a great way to quench your beer cravings while staving off drunken decision making. Health benefits can be factored in as well, since low-alcohol beer has a lower calorie count, holds far less alcohol for your body to process, and contains B vitamins.  

That is what we have queued up for you in our new homebrew recipe series, Homebrewing with BSG. This recipe was developed by BSG Canada’s Deborah Wood, who’s something of expert in recipe creation. The Light & Low Blond Lager is light in flavor, low in alcohol, and delicious to drink! Happy brewing! #BrewBSG #BrewWithBSG

Light & Low Blond Lager

This is a crisp blond Lager that’s here to please! The addition of acidulated Malt and the Floor Malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt makes this brew very European in nature. Carahell and a bit of Munich Malt were added to increase this Lager’s mouthfeel and body.

Recipe is adjustable to the uses of a Grainfather

Light & Low Blond Lager


For 5 gal (18.9 L)

5.2 lb(2.36 kg) Weyermann® F/M Bohemian Pilsner Pale

.5lb (227g) Weyermann® Carahell

.5lb(227g) Weyermann® Munich Pale #1

.2lb(90g) Weyermann® Acidulated

.5oz(14 g) GR Hallertau 4.5 aa x 60 min

.2oz(6g) GR Ariana 12aa x 60 min

.2oz (6g) GR Hallertau 4.5 aa x 15 min

.5oz (14g) GR Ariana 12aa x 15 min

½ Tablet Whirlfloc T x 15 min

2 x 11.5 g Fermentis Saflager W34-70 


Original Gravity 1.034 (8.5 P)

Final Gravity 1.007(1.75P)

ABV: 3.6%

IBU: 29

SRM:2.6 (pale golden to straw)


The acidulated Malt will gently lowered your ph and also reduced the color of the beer. Please verify that the Mash ph is between 5.2 to 5.4. If an adjustment is necessary, please add a bit of lactic acid.

Step Mash 131 F (55C) x 20 minutes, raise to 154 F(68 C) x 45 minutes, raise to 164 F (74 C) x 10 minutes then proceed to mash out at 78 C. Sparge with H20 at 172 F (78C)

Use Fermentis Saflager W34-70 2x 11.5 g par 5 gal (18.9 L) This yeast enhances the hops. Please ferment at 59 F (14- 15C)  5-6 days

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